Did Mitt Romney really did not pay any taxes for 10 years?

Mitt Romeny playing with money

As a big supporter of LDS cult leader Mitt Romney, a lot of people keep asking me what I think of Harry Reid’s claims that this wealthy dude paid no income taxes for ten years. 

Well, here is my response to all you silly Americans in the 99% group, the reality is that it is mostly the folks in the middle who pay income taxes.  You see, roughly half the Americans at the bottom pay no taxes because, well, they are simply too poor: their income is low and once they add up their deductions, other than mandatory contributions, they have no other commitments.

Now, the super-rich like me and most Republicans in the 1%, hire the smartest brains in accounting, banking, and law, and by exploiting all the loopholes that we put in place by bribing (the politically correct word is donating) guys like Grover Norquist (he simply takes the heat for what the millionaires want) and GOP politicians, who happily repeat every word we tell them, (that is why teabagger politicians are literally willing to die than to vote for raising taxes) and then vote the way we want them to. 

The net result is that most of us owe either zero or very little in income taxes and it is all legal.  In fact many of my millionaire friends actually get refunds amounting to tens of thousands of dollars instead of paying anything to the IRS.  So if you are running for president it just looks bad that you pay no income taxes, but the reality is that this is the case for almost all 1%ers.

Conclusion: Romney definitely did not pay taxes and that should surprise only the idiots who live in the dark.  Now, would you just vote for that guy so that you don’t have to pay taxes too, but no wait, you will have to be super-rich to have that privilege.  But vote for him anyway because that is just how the system works.

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